Rory MacLean FRSL

Rory MacLean FRSL

Rory MacLean "...must surely be the outstanding, and most indefatigable, traveller-writer of our time,” according to John le Carré. He's certainly one of Britain's most expressive and adventurous travel writers, and has more than a dozen books to his name including Stalin’s Nose, Under the Dragon, and one of the Washington Post's Books of the Year, Berlin: Imagine a City.

His latest work, Pravda Ha Ha: True Travels to the End of Europe, published by Bloomsbury, is described as an unsettling, poignant and darkly comic exposé of Putin's Russia and European disintegration.

"My aim is to make places and people more accessible, to engender empathy, to enable readers to step over a border and so to draw together – on the page at least – our divided worlds."

Rory has won awards from the Canada Council and the Arts Council of England as well as a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship. He has also been nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary prize. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Rory divides his time between the UK, Berlin, Monaco and Toronto.

Photo credit: Joss Barratt